FRIMEC Group is present in the air conditioning sector in Europe since 1953. Our experience and knowledge of the professional local and international market are without any doubt the best guarantee that along its history has allowed to offer always an excellent quality of products and give an essential value to the service and attention to its customer. 

FRIMEC group is founded as the result of the strategic collaboration between four organizations that are market leaders in their own rights; MEC-Fábrica de Aparelhagem Mecânica (FRIMEC) of Portugal, Middle East Associates of Japan, Veck (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., and Nanjing T-Source Refrigeration Co., Ltd.,  of China.

MEC-Fábrica de Aparelhagem Mecânica (FRIMEC) started in 1953 and has since manufactures controls and measuring devices as well as valves and pressure regulators primarily for leading oil and gas companies worldwide, In 1960, manufacturing of air-conditioning under the name “FRIMEC” was introduced and  this diversification achieved great success throughout Europe well into the 1980s.

Middle East Associates (MEA) founded in 1974 in Japan. MEA is official distributor of Japanese HVAC Market leader. The exclusive territories are UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, Cyprus, Yemen and Jordan.

Veck(Tianjin) Co., Ltd., specializes in the design, manufacturing, sales & services of Central and Commercial Air Conditioners. To-date, there are two state-of-the art manufacturing facilities covering 24,000 m2 and over 30 branch offices to provide sales and service support. Aggressive plans are also continuously being pursued to set up new manufacturing facilities and regional offices to serve different markets around the world more effectively and efficiently

Nanjing T-Source Refrigeration Co., Ltd., specializes in the design, manufacturing, sales & services of water cooled chiller and low temperature refrigeration equipment. A manufacturing facility covering 53,300 m2 located in Nanjing Development Zone. The strategic collaboration with Mayekawa (MYCOM) compressors to response variety of applications required in refrigeration.

FRIMEC group is about bringing the best in people to achieve success for all our stakeholders (customers, shareholders, business partners and employees). The means is through synergy in providing products of high quality at affordable prices supported by reliable services worldwide.